Rubbermaid Commercial Products Skin Care Hologram

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project detail
  • 2010
  • media box studios proj.

When Rubbermaid Commercial Products purchased Technical Concepts, they acquired a skin care line – a new venture for this well-known brand. They needed something to grab people's attention at an upcoming conference where they would have to face their competitors, like Gojo and Deb, that have with long standing records in the skin care industry. Teaming up with European company, RealFiction, Media Box Studios suggested that Rubbermaid Commercial present the first-of-its-kind hologram in the United States. I worked on the post production of the video, compiling 3D renders, audio, blending the video of the blooming flowers with the hands holding them, creating and animating the butterfly from a single flat image of a wing, as well as setting up the video to work on the hologram's 3 sides.